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Portable Immersion Separator « Wet (water) Mix » for Automotive Aluminum Repair Bodyshop Legally certified Division 1, Class II, Groups E ,F & G

Tiger-Vac’s Portable Immersion Separator « Wet (water) Mix » safely recovers and neutralizes 11 pounds of aluminum dust or other commercial alloys into 6.5 gallons of water. Our vacuum systems meet MIL-SPEC for the recovery of fuel or propellant dust as part of F-35 maintenance.

The immersion « Wet (Water) Mix » separator was designed  to comply with NFPA 484 method of precipitating dust. With this system, live sparks or hot ambers are instantly instiguished

Tiger-Vac’s immersion separator “Wet Mix” is the only system in North America being certified in conformance with OSHA’s Combustible Dust NEP Program, making it the best choice for Automotive Aluminum Repair Bodyshops.

Attention: It is mandatory for equipment in America to carry NRTL certification for Group E, aluminum dust and all other commercial alloys.
  • OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program “NEP” NRTL approved
  • NRTL Certified US/Canada
  • Hazardous locations as defined in NFPA 70
  • Meet NFPA 484-2015 Guideline – Housekeeping
At Tiger-Vac, Safety knows no compromise

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